6 Things to Love About Spring in Kansas

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A robin’s nest in the front porch light. Mama Robin flies to the nearest tree to scold when we step out the door.

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Outdoor farmers markets in full swing. Run, don’t walk, before the asparagus is gone.

2014-05-18 20.42.36

High school graduations. Bring a cushion for your bleacher seat. She has five-hundred classmates.

The green and growing landscape. By August we’ll have shades of brown and gold.

20150617_210050Royals baseball. Yes, I know, they’re breaking my heart right now. But it doesn’t make me love them less.

free-garage-sale-sign-2Garage sales. A treasure trove in every driveway. Last week I found the perfect Revereware sauce pan for only a dollar!

What do you love about springtime in Kansas?




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