A Little Kansas Sunshine

Lately I’ve been too busy finishing my second book to write many blog posts. It’s not done yet–I have two chapters to go–but before I start my writing day, I wanted to share some sunshine with you. A week ago, my friend Jennifer and I visited Grinter Farms, northeast of Lawrence, to enjoy their 40-acre sunflower crop. We couldn’t have asked for a better outing on that cool, cloudless morning. Here’s what we saw:


Sunflowers at Grinter's Farm Lawrence Kansas 2016
Kansas Sunshine

Sunflowers seek the sun at Grinter's Farm in Lawrence Kansas

Bees enjoy the sunflowers even more than we do.
Jennifer and the sunflowers

We weren’t alone at Grinter Farms–far from it.┬áSee all the people growing in the field?


One last picture to brighten your day:





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