A Senior in Loose Park

1985 Senior Picture
Senior Pictures, Old-Style

Senior pictures have changed a lot since I was a kid. Back then I visited a photo studio to pose for my picture, and they contrived to improve me by the use of bright lights and soft backgrounds. A few weeks later my mother dropped in at the studio to pick up my folder of eight proofs, and we agonized about which pose to order, because I could only choose one.

Emily had her senior pictures taken in early July. The photographer is a classmate who takes senior pictures for extra spending money. She uses her digital camera and Photoshop for professional results.

We met Sasha at Loose Park early one evening when the light was just right. I kept company with her houseguest, a French foreign exchange student, while they got down to business. Because Loose Park is such a beautiful place, I brought my camera too.

Senior picture session at Loose Park
Emily having her picture taken
Loose Park Rose Garden
The Rose Garden at Loose Park
Another photographer carries a balloon to entertain her subject, a toddler.
Another photographer carries a balloon to entertain her subject, a toddler.
Loose Park bench

An hour and three outfits later, the session was over.

Sasha delivered Emily’s photos to our house last week on an SD card the size of my thumbnail. The card contains 31 poses, and they are all ours to use however we wish.

Senior picture, Loose Park
Pose Number 27

Some things – granted, they’re small things – have changed for the better.


  1. Jane…your Photo Shoot in the Rose Garden reminded me of Caroline. I was honored to be invited on two of her sessions…two of my former students. What a professional she is and what results!! It was so much fun to watch her in our Waukesha Rose Garden. She just came last week to help me with our Christmas card for the year…that also was professionally done in a very short time.  Emily’s picture is beautiful! I think that your “old-style” picture is not so bad either. Ann Daniels, proud grandma

    • Caroline’s business gave me the confidence to hire Sasha. I admire the work she’s posted on Facebook, and only wish we lived close enough to have worked with her. You have reason to be proud, Grandma!

  2. Beautiful senior picture! We were blessed with a friend who took pictures for Caleb – in a park in Lawrence. Yes – senior pictures have certainly changed – for the better.

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