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I’m an author and proud Midwesterner. Yes, I mean Flyover Land. I love the middle of the American map, and I’m on a mission to show you why. I explore the people, places and food that make this region great, and report back periodically in a Postcard from the Heartland.

My novels reflect my love of home and family. The Lottie Braun series takes place in Iowa, where I went to college and began my married life. Lottie’s big extended family was inspired by the close-knit clan I married into. Through the years my husband’s aunts and great-aunts have been as kind to us as Lottie’s aunts are to her.

My great regret is that I ignored my gift for writing until I was in my forties. As a result, I’m committed to helping others embrace and live out their God-given gifts. I speak on this topic to middle schoolers, their parents, and adults who are searching for their next life step.

Here’s to many more years of exploring the Heartland!



  1. This is beautifully written Jane! It’s been a privilege to watch your Emily run these past few years! She will be missed in the OEXC family. When I think about my own daughters experience with XC, it’s very little about the running and ALL about the team support for one another and the friendships she has created. It’s a sport like no other! I’m keeping my fingers crossed my 12 year old will stick with it in high school. I don’t want to stop being that “lunatic parent” 😊 Congrats to both your awesome kids!

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