head shot squareI’m an author and proud Midwesterner. Yes, I mean Flyover Land. I love the middle of the American map, and I’m on a mission to show you why. I explore the people, places and food that make this region great, and report back periodically in a Postcard from the Heartland.

My novels reflect my love of home and family. The Lottie Braun series takes place in Iowa, where I went to college and began my married life. Lottie’s big extended family was inspired by the close-knit clan I married into. Through the years my husband’s aunts and great-aunts have been as kind to us as Lottie’s aunts are to her.

When my husband and I moved to the Kansas City area in the early ’90s, I instantly felt at home. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The people.
  • The barbecue.
  • The Royals.
  • Country Club Plaza.
  • Sunflowers.
  • Civil War History.

Here’s to many more years of exploring the Heartland!



  1. This is beautifully written Jane! It’s been a privilege to watch your Emily run these past few years! She will be missed in the OEXC family. When I think about my own daughters experience with XC, it’s very little about the running and ALL about the team support for one another and the friendships she has created. It’s a sport like no other! I’m keeping my fingers crossed my 12 year old will stick with it in high school. I don’t want to stop being that “lunatic parent” 😊 Congrats to both your awesome kids!


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