Meet my Funny Friend Shannon

This week marked the one-year anniversary of the release of Lottie’s Gift. I’ve had an amazing experience as more and more people have fallen in love with Lottie’s story. I’m happy to say I’ve finished the sequel, Lottie’s Hope, which will be available sometime next year.


A year ago we kicked off the festivities with a launch party hosted by my writing partner, Shannon Phipps. Shannon walked with me through my entire writing journey. She encouraged me, critiqued my writing, and prayed for me faithfully.  When my publication dreams bore fruit, Shannon celebrated more than anyone.

Now it’s my turn to celebrate with Shannon as her screenwriting dreams begin to come true. Shannon has written a comedy series—eight episodes of ten minutes each—called Corporately Challenged, based on her years as a cog in the wheels of Big Business. She’s ready to produce the series, which will air on outlets like Youtube and Hulu. Shannon is super-talented. Here’s the Corporately Challenged trailer to prove my point:

Shannon and her production partner, Caitlyn Carleton, are conducting a crowdfunding campaign to finance their project. Apart from donations, they also need to find 500 people who will click the “follow” button on their crowdfunding site. If you liked what you saw in the above clip, won’t you consider following their campaign? You can find the campaign, and the “follow” button, here.

Shannon has a gift that’s worth supporting. Thanks for considering this.

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