Road Trip 2017: The Silos

Magnolia signThe Magnolia Market and Silos in Waco TX was the other essential stop on our Road Trip. Magnolia is the brainchild of Joanna and Chip Gaines, who star in Fixer Upper, HGTV’s hit remodeling show. My favorite part of the show is the affectionate banter between husband and wife, while Becca appreciates Joanna’s design aesthetic: a clean, consistent antique farmhouse look. She was looking forward to shopping the home décor at Magnolia, while I was more or less along for the novelty.

One quality I admire in Chip and Joanna is their excellent business sense. This was on display as we entered the Silos complex and passed the 10+ food trucks that line its perimeter. The trucks provide food and snacks for the thousands of customers who flock to Magnolia, with greater variety and lower expense than if the Gaines opened a restaurant of their own. (They announced this week they’ve just bought a Waco landmark restaurant, but it is not located at the Silos.)

Silos play area
The Play Area
Silos Plant Boxes
Plant boxes brighten the play area.
The open space between the food trucks and the shop is filled with picnic table shelters, a giant set of swings, and artificial turf for family play. When the shopping palls, you can challenge your kids to a round of Cornhole, or play a game of catch in the Texas sunshine.

Donut Recipe
This story caught my fancy. I didn’t buy the tea towel.
Magnolia Market itself was moderately crowded and very well-staffed on that Wednesday morning. I spoke with several employees as I shopped, and all were friendly, helpful, and well-informed. When I chose a cut glass footed bowl as my big purchase, the floor clerk took it to the counter for me to ensure its safety. We were too busy to take many pictures in the market. The few we took were of items that interested us.

Once we conquered the market, we bought treats from the bakery and took a break in the shade. Over decadent cupcakes, we made our game plan for visiting the tiny garden shop and making final purchases at the market. Becca wanted to climb an inviting outer staircase to the rooftop, but a friendly employee told us it was off-limits to customers.

Magnolia Bakery interior
The bakery


  • Magnolia Market at the Silos is closed on Sundays. Saturdays are rumored to be their busiest day. Try to visit on a weekday if you can.
  • All the seating and much of the fun is outside. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water. If you forget the water, don’t worry. They sell bottles for $1.50 each. I also wish I’d worn a hat for sun protection.
  • The shop is not inexpensive. The prices reminded me of Pottery Barn. Some of the items at Magnolia are one-of-a-kind, some are only carried in the shop, but many are also available online. Those helpful sales clerks will help you sort out which is which.

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But Wait! There’s More to See in Waco!

Common Grounds. The coffee shop at the edge of Baylor University’s campus is tiny, quirky, and home to delicious coffee. Parking is an issue, but worth pursuing. The shop’s owners were featured on an early episode of Fixer Upper, thus making it a stop on the Gaines Fan Club tour.

Cameron Park. We accidentally took the riverside drive through Cameron Park, and enjoyed every minute of it. The park is also home to Waco’s 52-acre zoo.

Spice Market. A few blocks from the Silos, this huge store features a mix of antiques, home décor, clothing and Baylor gear. We spent a happy few hours sorting through treasures of all kinds. If you can’t find it at Spice Market, you probably don’t need it.

Miles Hashtag


  1. This is really cool Jane. I wish Waco had been this interesting when I lived there. Oh well . . . I guess I’ll have to visit it, but only if you come with me!

    • That’s a deal! I’d love to see Texas through your eyes, now that we’re adults. Though I’m not sure either of us can do justice to the decorator’s paradise that is Magnolia Market!

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