Summer Contest!

This one’s for my local readers. Who’s up for a contest? How well do you know your surroundings?

One thing I love about my home in the suburbs is the large number of public art installations in each city. I’ve posted five of my favorites below. To enter the contest, leave a comment on my blog (not on Facebook) telling me the location of each sculpture. You’ll need a street or cross streets for some answers, and the name of a place, such as a park, for others. You don’t need to know all five in order to enter.

*Please don’t leave your comment on Facebook. You might ruin the fun for someone else. Only blog comments will be eligible for the prize.*

The contest ends This Sunday, August 9th. I will award a small gift card to the person who got the most answers right. If more than one contestant got them all right, I’ll draw a winner at random from my magic prize hat. Next week I’ll give out the answers and announce the winner next week.

Bridge over Ridgeview Rd
Leawood art boy
Shawnee wagon train
Twisted chimney
Boy on waterfall


  1. OK… I feel like I’ve seen #1, #3, and #4, but I have no idea where! 🙁 I will be on the lookout this week!

  2. Here are my guesses…

    #1 – Ridgeview in Olathe on the way to the Mahaffie

    #2 – World War I Memorial

    #3 – Shawnee Mission Pkwy between Nieman & I-35

    #4 – Outside Kemper Museum

    #5 – Outside Nelson Atkins Museum

  3. By the way, I’ll be holding all the comments that contain answers for a couple of days to give everyone a chance at the mystery. Thanks to all who have entered so far.

  4. #2- On 133rd Street & Metcalf
    #4- JCCC
    #5- Deanna Rose

    I think these are right.. hm. I’m not sure where #1 or #3 are, but they look familiar!! Coming from a local artist, this is a lot of fun!! Great idea!

  5. #2 I forget the name of the statue– something about him sunbathing. I’m pretty sure it’s located off of 133rd st. & metcalf
    #4 In front of JCCC
    #5 Deanna Rose Farmstead

    I think these are I’m not sure where I’ve seen #1 or #3 before. I really love this contest!! Local artists totally appreciate this kind of thing!

  6. OK, here are my answers: #1 – railroad bridge, Ridgeview Rd, Olathe; #2 – 133rd St just east of Roe, Leawood; #3 – south side of Shawnee Mission Pkwy just west of I-35, by City of Merriam sign; #4 – Johnson County Community College campus, College and Quivera; #5 – Deanna Rose Farm
    It’s a fun scavenger hunt!

  7. Location 1: Elevated railroad crossing in Olathe over Ridgeview Road, I think?
    Location 2: 133rd and Mission in Leawood
    Location 3: Mahaffie Farmstead in Olathe??
    Location 4: Johnson County Community College
    Location 5: Deanna Rose Farmstead

  8. Wow! these are interesting sculptures. I’m not local, so don’t know where they are, but I enjoyed looking at the pictures.

  9. I think…
    #1 is on a rail bridge in Olathe (Sante Fe?)
    #2 is in Leawood off 135th
    #3 is in my hometown, Shawnee, by a park off Shawnee Mission Parkway
    #4 is at JCCC
    #5 is at the Overland Park Arboretum (I think! Not sure on that one!)

  10. Hi Jane
    #1 I’m guessing in 435 on the Mo side.
    #2 guess the Arboritum
    #3 I know that’s on Shawnee Mission Pkwy just east of Nigros.
    4 & 5 don’t know #4 is pretty cool though

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