This Time I Found It!

French Bee Bakery Lenexa KSIn my last post I shared my fruitless quest for the French Bee bakery. This week I went in search of the French Bee again, and this time I found it! Betsy and I tried their lunch menu this week. (It pays to be the last kid at home after school starts.)

The menu sounded amazing. I had trouble choosing between roast chicken on a croissant and avocado toast. Betsy zoned in on the tuna salad, made with a touch of balsamic. The bread is baked in-house, and they added a shortbread cookie for only fifty cents.

French Bee Lemon Shortbread
Betsy’s Lemon shortbread cookie

The dining area is charming, with substantial wooden tables and chairs, and a wall of sketches to add atmosphere. I could imagine lingering there over coffee and croissants.

I wish I could say I was blown away by the food. The apricot jam on my chicken sandwich was too thickly spread, and my salted chocolate chip shortbread cookie needed salt. Betsy did enjoy her tuna sandwich without reservation. But because their prices are on the high side, I don’t know if I’ll do lunch there again.

Sometimes the quest is more exciting than the destination.


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