Three Kansas adventures you’re sure to love

DSCN0209I received this question from a friend:

Dear Jane,
I am looking for a quick Kansas getaway. And I knew where to come – to your website. Coming from the Kansas City area, I’m interested in your posts about Central/Western Kansas. What would you recommend? We’re just going for a night or two.

Needs a Vacation

I replied:

Dear Needs a Vacation,
I’d love to help! Here are three possible trips you could take.

Native Stone fences 21. I really love the Native Stone Scenic Byway as a day trip from Kansas City. Take I-70 to Alma, loop down to Dover, and go back to Alma. While you’re in Alma, be sure to shop at the Alma Creamery, a cheese-making operation. You could fill out your itinerary by going north to Wamego to the Oz museum (we didn’t do this but it looks like fun), or 7 miles west to Volland, where they’ve restored an old general store and turned it into an art gallery. Current show: Staging the West, photography by Jeremiah Ariaz.
Lake Wilson
Lake Wilson on the Post Rock Scenic Byway

2. If you want to go farther west (and who could blame you?), you might try the Post Rock Scenic Byway.Get off I-70 at Wilson. The town of Wilson is south of the highway, a Czech community that sounds interesting–we didn’t tour it. Then go north from Wilson to Lucas, and enjoy the Grassroots Art displays, including S.P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden. Be sure to eat lunch at the K-18 Cafe. Yummy diner food! The bonus on this trip is the beautiful Lake Wilson. In fact, you may want to look for a cabin on the lake. It’s really lovely.

Western Vistas Scenic Byway Kansas, Oakley, Scott City
Western Vistas Scenic Byway. A photo hardly captures the sense of space.

3. If you want a longer adventure, try going all the way to Oakley on I-70, then drive south on the Western Vistas Scenic Byway. The scenery is indescribable, and there are several points of interest along the way. If you’re up for a little dirt road driving, you’ll find the Monument Rocks off this highway. Check out Lake Scott State Park, and if you get clear to Scott City, stop at Tate’s  for good homestyle cooking.

Wherever you go, you’re sure to come across a big selection of pies. Have a slice for me.
Hope this helps!
JaneRhubarb Pie


  1. Great tips here – I’ve been to all 3 of these and can’t pick a favorite. They each have their own charm. We just need to find a place for gluten free pies.

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