Updates to my Authoring Life

So far, 2022 has brought lots of changes to the business/marketing side of my life. I’ve been learning new online skills and trying out new adventures that I hope will bring interesting, useful content to you, my readers.

Monthly Newsletter

Last week I published my first-ever monthly newsletter, which contained travel tips and writing news. If you’d like to stay informed about my upcoming books and other projects, you can sign up for the newsletter here.

Website Upgrade

After several years of use, my website is getting some much-needed improvements. Most of the work is taking place behind the scenes and won’t be obvious to my readers (sort of like putting a new HVAC system in a house. Nobody compliments the homeowners on their new furnace.) But if you visit janemtucker.com this week you’ll definitely see work in progress.

Change is difficult, but I’m looking forward to the growth it will bring. Thanks for sticking around to see how it all turns out!


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